UbamarketTM is the new must-have shopping app which will turn your local supermarket into an UbamarketTM! Simply enter your shopping list and it will be rearranged into the order the items are displayed in the store. Scan items as you shop, receive real-time personalised offers (and automatic loyalty) and checkout with mobile payment. It's that simple.
*Real-time personalised offers and in-app payment coming soon.
*Loyalty points will update automatically.
*Currently available on iOS, Android coming soon

What does it do?

Ubamarket brings your shopping list to life, telling you where everything is and giving you better prices for the things you buy. You can use your phone to scan as you shop and it helps you to shop faster and smarter. It all starts with your shopping list, just as a trip to the shops always has!

Ubamarket makes your whole supermarket shopping experience faster, less stressful, more efficient and more enjoyable, whilst keeping you in complete control and giving you better prices for the things you like to buy.

Is the Ubamarket app free?


Where do I get it?

Simply go to the App Store or Google play and search for 'Ubamarket'.

What if I'm already a loyalty card holder?

That's great! Ubamarket can incorporate your loyalty card number so you'll automatically collect loyalty points as you go. You'll benefit from your regular loyalty card membership automatically as well. Ubamarket will become your new loyalty card mechanism, without the need for a card or even a wallet! It's automatic loyalty!

How do I use it?

Simply enter your shopping list into the app and let Ubamarket do the rest!

Where can I use it?

In any participating stores. Our prototype store is Warner's Budgens supermarket in Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire.

Does it need WiFi?

UbamarketTM will need to connect to the internet when first downloaded from the app store to obtain the latest store product list and item locations but then will not rely on a live connection whilst you shop. That way, the scanning process is instant and if connectivity is lost, it doesn't matter! Every time you connect to the internet and launch the app, the latest product list will automatically upload.

How will it make my shop faster?

As soon as you’ve finished writing your shopping list, you can tap the location button at the top right of the screen and your list will be magically rearranged into the order items are displayed in the store. Likewise, upon entering the store and tapping the ‘shop’ button, your shopping list will rearrange itself, item by item, into an efficient journey around the store. You'll be guided to each item on your list, one at a time and you'll be able to find everything you want. You can ‘skip’ any items on your list if you change your mind.

How will it make my shop smarter?

Your shopping lists will identify which items you buy most frequently, which items you buy seasonally, which items you like, how much you spend and even what kind of offers you like. You just shop and Ubamarket will do the smart part for you!

How will it save me time?

Your shopping list will automatically rearrange itself into the correct order based on the layout of the store and will guide you to each item on your list, one by one, so you'll never waste time looking for things you can't find.

How will it save me money?

This will all start by making your current loyalty card automatic and will develop, in phase two, to incorporate entirely personalised offers. Your shopping experience will then be automatically tailored. Offers will be personalised to you, based on what you buy and how often you buy it! You will get a better deal on the things you like, regardless of whether the items are on general offer, without even having to think about it. You will also benefit from general offers too, of course.

Can I use it to find something?

Yes, simply write the name of the item into your list and Ubamarket will tell you where it is! You can type anything from 'sausages' to 'Heinz beans' (generic terms or specific brand names). Your shopping list can contain one item or a thousand items, however many you choose...

Can I use it to find the price of something?

Yes, simply scan any item's barcode whether it's already on your list or not and you will immediately see the price (and any saving). The item will be automatically added to your shopping list. If you decide not to buy the item, simply swipe it off your list.

How do I scan?

It's easy. Your whole screen will be a scanner while you shop (with the next item on your list at the top of the screen), so simply hold your phone camera against a barcode and it will automatically scan. You don't even have to press a button!

How will I know if something has scanned?

Simple! Your item will be crossed off your shopping list, just as you'd do with a pen and paper!

What if something doesn't scan?

It will not be crossed out so you'll know to scan it again. If it still doesn't scan, leave it out of your shopping bag and we'll scan it manually for you at any checkout counter where it will be added to your list. You will not be able to checkout until every item is scanned or deleted.

What if something doesn't have a barcode?

Don't worry. There will usually be a barcode on the shelf below the item. If it's from the bakery or Deli, you can scan the shelf, packet or sticker label barcode and the app will put it in your checkout list for you in the usual way. Because these items are often priced according to their weight, the exact price will be automatically redeemed and updated when you checkout. For loose fruit, some stores will enable you to weigh items and the electronic scales will produce a barcode for you to scan. If you can't find a barcode for an item (or if there's no loose fruit barcode printer) then simply keep it separate and we'll scan it for you at the checkout and add it to your final list in the app before payment.

Can I add something to my list once I've started shopping?

Yes, simply scan anything and it will automatically update on your list in the correct place based on location. This way, similar items are grouped (meat, dairy, vegetables etc). Having your list in order enables you to pack similar items together too, as you shop!

Can anyone else add things to my list?

Yes, you can give family members access to your account so if you're shopping and they identify something they need or something you've forgotten it can be added to your list at any time, remotely. This means you'll never forget anything ever again! After several shops, Ubamarket will even recognise those items which the app anticipates are due and can add them to your list for you! For example, you may buy breakfast cereal every two weeks but not every time you shop. Ubamarket will know this!

How will I know how much I’ve spent?

Your checkout list will record a running total of your current spend as you shop. Please note that multi-buy offers, special offers and loyalty card offers will all be calculated at Checkout. Your item by item spend and savings will be shown in your e-receipt at the end of every shop. In Phase 2, you will also have a dashboard which will tell you your daily, weekly, monthly and annual spends with a graph to depict peak days and months. All of your previous lists will be saved (with e-receipts) and you'll be able to scroll through them to see what you bought. You'll also see which items you buy most frequently and how much you now save on those items since you started using UbamarketTM. It's a great way to set your home budgets too!

How will I know how much I’ve saved?

This feature is coming in phase two. A running total will be kept during each shop and a ‘grand savings total’ will be displayed on your dashboard.

Will it remember my everyday items?

Yes, this feature is coming in phase two. After just three shops, if certain items are always on your list (ie. Milk, eggs, beans) these items will be stored as your 'staple items' and can be added by tapping the '+' button. It's like your 'favourites'.

Will Ubamarket know and remember any food allergies me or my family have?

Yes, that's coming in phase two and is under development. For example, if you or a family member are Coeliac and are allergic to gluten, any item on your list that contains gluten will appear red as a warning. You can still buy those items, of course, or you can seek gluten free alternatives which will be revealed at the touch of a button.

How do I check out?

You can go to any checkout till and pay for what you’ve already scanned by scanning the QR code on the counter. All offers, weighted items and Loyalty points/redemptions will happen automatically at this stage. In phase 2 later this year, you’ll be able to pay on your mobile.

Do I still have to queue at the checkout?

No. If you check out with Paypal or Apple pay you can simply leave the store. Please note that, as with self scanning, there will be security spot checks. If you want to use a checkout counter, there will be an express aisle where you can pay in the normal way, so you don't have to queue (and you won't have to re-scan all your items).

Can I share my list via social media?

Yes, this is coming in phase two. We will have a Facebook share option and other social networks will follow. This will enable you to share ingredients for certain meals with friends and other UbamarketTM users. You'll even be able to update other people's lists for them if they give you access!

Will my data be shared with anyone?

No. Your personalised data is entirely encrypted and only used to ensure you get relevant, personalised offers, gifts and savings! Only you and Ubamarket will be able to read this encrypted code.

How will I receive personalised offers?

Via your shopping list. If you input your loyalty card number, you will benefit from automatic loyalty right away. In phase 2, some items on your list will be discounted. Some may even be free! It's all about you and your shopping list and offers are entirely personalised. No more invasive posters or brand messages 'shouting' at you from the aisles! Offers will now 'whisper' to you from within your own list. Any loyalty card offers and benefits will always be automatically activated on UbamarketTM too. It's like automatic loyalty - no membership card or wallet required ever again!

Can I use Ubamarket in other stores?

Once user trials are completed at Warner's Budgens in early 2016, Ubamarket will be available to any store in the UK. You will be able to use your Ubamarket app in any participating store anywhere in the world regardless of the brand of store. It will automatically recognise what store you're in and will rearrange your shopping list accordingly. Ubamarket was conceived back in 2011 and is the original real-time retail app, almost five years in the making. The idea is that it will be the industry standard and the universal app of choice for supermarket shoppers throughout the UK and beyond. Ubamarket is designed to be the simplest, most intuitive app of its kind...

So what's next?

Lots of things. The possibilities are endless! Examples of things we're developing include shopping by calorie count, shopping by price (low, medium, high), more specific personal offers, surprise free gifts every time you shop, menu sharing, click and collect option, allergy sensitive shopping lists and much, much more. The key is that it all starts with (and comes back to) your simple shopping list.

Ubamarket was conceived by a genuine need and is designed to solve lots of everyday shopping inefficiencies and problems without changing your shopping habits at all. All you have to do is write your list and walk into the store...just as you've always done! ”

Do I have to queue at the Checkout?

No. If you check out with in-app payment (coming in Phase 2) you can simply leave the store. Please note that, as with self scanning, there will be security spot checks. If you want to use a checkout counter (as you will have to in Phase 1), there will be an express aisle where you can pay in the normal way, so you don't have to queue (and you won't have to re-scan all your items).

The Benefits of Using UbamarketTM

The Benefits of Using UbamarketTM are going to be huge – for convenience, speed, savings and personalisation but, like anything new, however simple the User Experience may be, it’s going to take some getting used to! We predict that within three years, UbamarketTM will be standard practice in most stores across the world, putting the power back into the consumer’s hands! However, we understand that it’s going to feel a little alien at first, perhaps in the same way that it did when you first went through the process of booking a flight online for the first time. It’s standard practice now (in fact, it’s pretty much the only way!) but just 15 years ago it was a scary prospect!

What could possibly go wrong? Quick Troubleshooting

Problem: Item is not recognised when you add it to shopping list.
Solution: Tap ‘Add’ and it will add it anyway. As long as you know what you mean, you can find it, scan it and tell the app what it is at the touch of a button. The app will then remember it for next time!
Problem: Item location is ‘Unknown’
Solution: This will rarely happen but if it does, it’s probably because it’s a new product or the product has recently been moved. Please let us or the cashier know and we will ensure it’s updated. We are really sorry for the inconvenience – we know how annoying it is!
Problem: Your list starts with an ‘Unknown location’.
Solution: Press the ‘Location’ button at the top right and items with ‘unknown locations’ will be sent to the bottom of the list.
Problem: Item is ‘not found’ when you scan.
Solution: Keep item separate in your trolley or basket and the cashier will add it for you.
Problem: You are worried the app isn’t taking offers into account as it’s not showing on the Checkout list.
Solution: Don’t worry! It’s impossible for offers not to be taken into account as it all goes through the Supermarket’s system before you pay. The best combination of offers are calculated for you so the price in your basket may drop when you check out! Your e-receipt will confirm this.